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Most books at the SUNY Erie Library are organized by their Library of Congress (LC) call numbers, which are found in Primo, the library catalog.

1. When searching the library catalog, you want to be sure to write down the complete LC call number in order to locate the book on the shelf.

... and on the book's spine.

Book spine label showing call number

Read the call number line-by-line to locate the book in the stacks:

T - Read the first line in alphabetical order: A, B, C...P, PL,...T

485 - Read the second line as a whole number: 1, 2, 3...400...480...485

.B1 - Read the third line as a letter (arranged alphabetically) followed by a number in decimal order: .A1, .A147, .A2... .B1

L43 - Read line four as a letter (arranged alphabetically) and then as a whole number (arranged numerically): A,B,C...L then 1,2...40...43

1998 - The year the book was published, arranged chronologically.

Is the book located at a different campus than your home campus or do you want to reserve the book so that it's available when you are on campus later in the week? The Library can retrieve books that are in one campus library and send them to another library using the "Request" feature in Primo.

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